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From God, Through Me, To You - Pepper Von


After reading "From God, Through Me, To You", I walked away feeling undoubtedly affected/changed. In this book, Pepper imparts the knowledge that you are seeking, and more importantly, he leaves an imprint of love and joy that continues to work in you well after you've put it down. This is a gift, of a true teacher.
~ Tram, Kindergarten teacher.

In reference to Pepper's book:: "Each individual who reads Pepper Von's book WILL absolutely benefit spiritually and emotionally in their journey of life"
~ Karin Lewis Ph D, Health and Fitness Practitioner

Whether it is mind,body or soul. Pepper Von talks the talk, but more importantly, he walks the walk. If you have ever met Pepper , you will want to read this book. I can guarantee that you will come away better than when you went in, he does, indeed, leave the world a better place.
~ Jackie Anderson


Podcasts Wtih Pepper

Wayne talks with Pepper Von about dance - Hear it now!

Holly speaks with Pepper about Life Tools

"The Only Way Out Is All The Way In" - Listen to Podcast Now


Dear Family

Our entire experience is about "finding success in the journey". Not knowing WHAT the final result might look like, we live each moment taking full advantage of the opportunity to embrace the process to Live, Love, and Laugh…. All synonymous, with rejuvenation through movement. You are learning to choose HAPPINESS (acceptance, joy, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and peace) even in the face of challenge, change, uncertainty or disappointment. Hopefully we learn that guilt, upset, self sabotage, ego, jealousy, envy, or any form of emotional suffering is a choice. HAPPINESS (acceptance, joy, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and peace) is always available. My hope is to not only inspire and motivate you, but to empower you to choose physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health and HAPPINESS.

"The only way out is all the way in"

"No Stress No Fear You GOT This"

"You are Unstoppable"


Pepper Von

Your greatest responsibility in life is to maximize your greatest potential.