Everyone should have a coach or a mentor who inspires them. Pepper Von is one of my favorites! He is a great motivational speaker and one of the best Dance Fitness instructors.

Ashley Rilat Nixon, Fit Happens with Ashley Nixon Fitness Center · Gym

I don't think words could ever express how incredibly amazed I was yesterday to have Pepper Von take the time to show support for our Fierce Funk Fitness fundraiser yesterday. A lot of people look at Pepper as a hip hop dancer, which he definitely is, but he is sooooo much more, he started off as a tap dancer. He is a trained ballet, Broadway, jazz and every style in between. He has danced with Gregory Hines, is a trained martial artist, youth advocate, and mentor to Beto the creator of Zumba. As well as mentor to the Jabbawockeez. He always inspires so many people to do so many things. I am honored to be his friend and so grateful to have such an incredible person in my life. Not because of his credentials but because who is as a person. He has impacted my life to not only be a better dancer but to also be a better instructor and person. I will never be the same. Pepper is truly one of the most brilliant, kind, creative and compassionate people I have ever known. We love you so very very much. May you be blessed for all you do. Pepper Von you make this universe a better place!

Michele DanceMefit Jones, Dance & Company, San Diego CA

I was excited for Fierce Funk and to dance with Michele DanceMefit Jones when the incredible Pepper Von (creator of Fierce Funk) walks in!!!! What an awesome class.

Janet Shinkai-Langit, San Diego, CA

Wow.... where do I start I still on a dancing high from this weekend... Sunday oh boy.... I was so uplifted by Pepper Von visit he was amazing and inspiring. Just what I needed. So many times we forgot that as instructors our classes are not about us and proving we can dance (yes we know you can dance 👏) but it's about our students, their fitness, their well being, their journeys that they have allowed us to be apart of. I am sooooo humbled by his presence and was so happy I got to share this experience with some of the most important people in my life. Music is so powerful.

Maronica Durden, San Antonio, TX